John Legend: The plight of blacks in America today

This meme commits the fallacies of Appeal to Authority and Just The Facts. It appeals to a false authority because John Legend, being a singer/songwriter, need not have any background in history or mathematics. Many still worship him. It is easy to…

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The Fallacy of Opposition

Consider a common fallacy – Fallacy of Opposition – Reasoning that one who disagrees with you must be wrong and not thinking clearly. This is a widespread, but for some reason a lesser known, fallacy. Does someone disagree with you on…

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How Can Africa Give The World Diamonds?

Here we commit the crime of a Sweeping Generalization. Although Africa does provide diamonds, not ALL of Africa does; similarly, although we provide water to certain areas, not ALL of Africa has water shortages. Africa is a large continent with…

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Free Community College: An Upper Class Entitlement

Originally published in The American Thinker, March 30th 2015 If you’ve followed the news recently, you’ve heard about President Obama’s proposal to make community colleges free for students who would like to attend them. With a now Republican controlled House…

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Are the Poorest States Really Right to Work?

Originally published in The American Thinker, March 22nd 2015 Here’s an interesting statistic released by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) the other day: of the top 10 poorest states, 8 are right-to-work states.  I was…

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Psychology and Taxation

Originally published in The American Thinker, January 22nd 2012 If you spend much time listening to the mainstream media, it often seems that everyone wants taxes to be raised on the wealthy.  After reviewing one recent study and some polling…

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How the Free Market Can Cure Health Care

Originally published in The American Thinker, December 17th 2011 There are many myths that proponents of socialized medicine commonly use to advance their cause.  One thing that is true, however, is that rising costs are a major flaw in the…

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How To Win Debates

What is the best strategy to win debates? How do we learn to improve our arguments? We start by collecting debate tips from a few experts. Those experts include Paul Begala (presidential debate coach for Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and Obama), Ben…

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How Not to Criticize American Health Care

Originally published in The American Thinker, December 3 2011. There is much talk about a health care “crisis” in America, but the only real problem, rising costs, is largely attributable to interference in markets, not markets themselves. Unfortunately, going socialized…

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