TRADITION – Reasoning that older ideas are better because they are accepted and have existed longer. Enjoy a bottle of wine? The corking preference for wine is an example of tradition trumping practicality. Winemaker David Noyes defends this tradition, “Wine…

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just the facts


JUST THE FACTS – Citing facts to support a conclusion without offering any reasoning.  “Facts are meaningless. You can use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true. Facts schmacts.” ~ Homer Simpson There is a fallacy spreading that is…

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SILENCE – Drawing a conclusion based on the silence of your opponent.  There are several reasons why people may not respond to you in a debate. They could be dumbfounded by how bad your argument is, they may not be familiar…

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AD HOC RESCUE – Attempting to find another explanation for your conclusion after the evidence has been disproved.  This occurs when an opponent desperately tries to make something up in order to cling to their conclusion. One example is as…

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SLIPPERY SLOPE – Arguing that one thing must necessarily lead to another.  The slippery slope argument can be seen in debate over many issues. Consider arguments against the legalization of gay marriage or marijuana. For instance, “If we let homosexuals…

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STRAW MAN – Creating a false or exaggerated target to rebut instead of rebutting the original claim.  By “putting up the Straw Man” one is arguing against a misrepresentation of a claim that is easier to attack. It may be one…

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CONTINUUM – Ignoring any degree of difference between two extremes.  This is sometimes referred to as the “Argument of the Beard” or the “Balding Man.” After a man shaves, stubble starts to grow again. The hair continues growing until it becomes…

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Net Neutrality in Economic Terms: Mall Neutrality

Think of the Internet like a giant shopping mall. The proprietor of this mall would be an ISP. There are only a few mall proprietors in any given city and some cities have one mall. The proprietors are wealthy, but…

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The NFL Cleans Out Taxpayers

Now that the Super Bowl is over, media commentators are using a laundry list of words to describe the event, none of which includes “expensive for taxpayers”. This has spurred at least one lawmaker to skewer NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell…

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The Hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren

Firebrand progressive Elizabeth Warren has created such a storm that even democrats are concerned with how her far-left rhetoric could be politically damaging. From income inequality to minimum wage, Warren’s flare for “middle class economics” (whatever that is) makes her…

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