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NOVELTY – Reasoning that new ideas are better because they are progressive.

Consider the following argument, by novelty:

(1) Atheism is a modern idea
(2) Religion is antiquated
(3) Atheism must be better than religion

Alternatively, one could argue, by tradition:

(1) People have been relying on religion for thousands of years
(2) Atheism is a relatively new movement
(3) Religion must be better than atheism

​​In each of these cases, one can accept the premise without believing the conclusion. The two arguments are contradictory, even while based on similar logic.

A century ago in America, it was considered to be progressive to hunt down and kill bears; bears were ferocious animals that interfered with the dream of having a civilized society. Hunting them would make us all safer. At the time, the concept of preserving species was unheard of. Today we have efforts to save endangered species. As a society we went from not killing bears, to killing bears, to saving bears. One who bases his morality on “novelty” would have to accept all of these progressions as good.

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