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AD HOC RESCUE – Attempting to find another explanation for your conclusion after the evidence has been disproved. 

This occurs when an opponent desperately tries to make something up in order to cling to their conclusion.

One example is as follows:

Abe: Obama is the worst president ever. He’s trying to ruin the middle-class by taxing us into oblivion.
Ben: That’s not true. Obama extended the Bush-era tax cuts for the middle-class twice. Effective tax rates are lower now than they were under Clinton, H. W. Bush, or Reagan.
Abe: Well, Obama’s dad is a Kenyan Muslim so he still can’t be trusted!

A second example:

Cal: Republicans cannot be taken seriously because they are bigoted homophobes who want to keep gay people from being married.
Dan: Actually, the majority of under-30-year old Republicans support gay marriage. Even high profile Republicans such as the Bushes support it. Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian. Cheny has turned around on gay marriage and is now a proponent of it. Also, even if they didn’t, their opinion in one area doesn’t disqualify all their policies. 
Cal: Yeah but Republicans are still science deniers who don’t accept global warming or evolution!

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