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ENTERTAINMENT – Excusing fallacies that are committed when they are delivered as entertainment.  When entertainment, comedy, and satire are used to persuade people, those arguments become exposed to logical scrutiny. Excusing the source from logic because it is supposed to be…

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middle ground


MIDDLE GROUND – Reasoning that an average of, or a compromise amongst, multiple opinions is correct.  Often times, the average opinion from a large number of people is close to the reality. Experiments show that this is true when the participants are…

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BANDWAGON – Believing a claim is true because of popularity.  The masses are not always correct. Bandwagon can be triggered by following what a friend says, hysteria, hype, ignorance, celebrity endorsements, and so on. This error can be seen with fad…

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APPEAL TO AUTHORITY – Misplacing or misusing a source of authority in an argument.  ​There are a few varieties of the Appeal to Authority fallacy. We should remember that quoting authorities is not always a fallacy. One way this is an…

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GENETIC FALLACY- Accepting or rejecting an argument based on its source. ​ Reputable sources can sometimes be wrong and questionable sources can sometimes be right. The origin of a claim or argument has no bearing on its truth value. This is…

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