Chicago crime rate: relation with concealed carry permits

Consider the fallacy: POST HOC ERGO PROPTER HOC (FALSE CAUSATION).  There are several reasons why we should doubt the causal relation between concealed gun permits in Chicago and the metrics in this image. First of all, Chicago allowed people to…

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Why do congressmen get re-elected?

This is a common meme spreading in various related forms. A large group of politicians (such as Congress) has a low approval rating whereas individual politicians still get re-elected. Why is that? Some explanations proposed are: 1) Voter ignorance. 2)…

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Bernie Sanders: Wrong About Social Security

Post hoc ergo propter hoc… After this, therefore because of this… The original Social Security Act was passed in 1935. A lot has changed in the past 80 years. Sanders wants you to believe that the reduced number of seniors…

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Data Misrepresentation: The Area Principle

The Area Principle: “The area occupied by a part of the graph should correspond to the magnitude of the value it represents.” We are going back to Stat 101 here. You can find this rule in the first or second chapter of…

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John Legend: The plight of blacks in America today

This meme commits the fallacies of Appeal to Authority and Just The Facts. It appeals to a false authority because John Legend, being a singer/songwriter, need not have any background in history or mathematics. Many still worship him. It is easy to…

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The Fallacy of Opposition

Consider a common fallacy – Fallacy of Opposition – Reasoning that one who disagrees with you must be wrong and not thinking clearly. This is a widespread, but for some reason a lesser known, fallacy. Does someone disagree with you on…

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How Can Africa Give The World Diamonds?

Here we commit the crime of a Sweeping Generalization. Although Africa does provide diamonds, not ALL of Africa does; similarly, although we provide water to certain areas, not ALL of Africa has water shortages. Africa is a large continent with…

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