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Jacob Zemon

Jacob holds a BS in Mathematics and Statistics, as well as an MS in Statistics. He currently works as an analyst in the Big Data marketing sector.


Informal logic: decomposing arguments

There are several components of an argument. These can be useful if you want to evaluate the validity of a claim. Assumption: an unstated fact or principle that must be true in order for the conclusion to be valid. Premise:…

0 Comments / 226 View / August 3, 2015


Careers: Compensation, Meaning, and Satisfaction

PayScale produced an interactive chart in order to visualize job pay, meaning, and satisfaction. There are some interesting findings here. There is little correlation between pay and meaning. Aside from healthcare careers, which are outliers, there is a flat trend….

0 Comments / 84 View / July 6, 2015


CEO compensation is not a significant driver of inequality

A recent blog post in The Wall Street Journal claims that CEO-to-worker compensation has risen, that this gap is a major driver of inequality, and that CEO pay could be regulated down without a drop in performance. This argument is based on a…

0 Comments / 101 View / June 24, 2015


Chicago crime rate: relation with concealed carry permits

Consider the fallacy: POST HOC ERGO PROPTER HOC (FALSE CAUSATION).  There are several reasons why we should doubt the causal relation between concealed gun permits in Chicago and the metrics in this image. First of all, Chicago allowed people to…

0 Comments / 298 View / May 18, 2015


Murder, theft, and robbery: not what you think

A common mistake made by the layperson is to equate killing with murder and taking with theft or robbery. Classifying acts as killing or taking is relatively uncontested; these are simple actions. However, the terms murder, theft, and robbery are not so simple;…

0 Comments / 76 View / May 8, 2015


Should Private Security Replace the Police State?

Many people, especially anarchists and libertarians, have long advocated for privatized security. Would it work in reality? There is already a shadow-system of privatized security and justice running in parallel to the government police system. And it works, being more cost…

0 Comments / 142 View / May 7, 2015

is voting rational

Is Voting Rational?

0 Comments / 41 View / May 4, 2015


Why do congressmen get re-elected?

This is a common meme spreading in various related forms. A large group of politicians (such as Congress) has a low approval rating whereas individual politicians still get re-elected. Why is that? Some explanations proposed are: 1) Voter ignorance. 2)…

0 Comments / 104 View / May 1, 2015


Bernie Sanders: Wrong About Social Security

Post hoc ergo propter hoc… After this, therefore because of this… The original Social Security Act was passed in 1935. A lot has changed in the past 80 years. Sanders wants you to believe that the reduced number of seniors…

0 Comments / 303 View / April 30, 2015


Just say ‘yes’

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