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Sunrise, Sunset on Section 215 of the Patriot Act

Rand Paul (R-KY), a Senator known for having strong libertarian leanings, filibustered for nearly 11 hours last week. His reason for talking so long? To make sure that Section 215 of the Patriot Act does not get renewed. Given how legislative procedure works…

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Robert Reich Is Wrong About Minimum Wage….Again!

Sometimes, it astounds me how smart men can act so stupidly. Robert Reich is one of those men. Here is a man who was a Rhodes scholar, earned his J.D. from Yale, taught at Harvard, and served in three presidential…

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Chicago crime rate: relation with concealed carry permits

Consider the fallacy: POST HOC ERGO PROPTER HOC (FALSE CAUSATION).  There are several reasons why we should doubt the causal relation between concealed gun permits in Chicago and the metrics in this image. First of all, Chicago allowed people to…

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Do the rich pay their fair share in taxes?

  Misleading Claim: The rich don’t pay their “fair share” in taxes. The Refutation: “Estimates from Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation and recently highlighted in the Wall Street Journal make it abundantly clear that high-income earners pay a disproportionate share…

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Privatized Air Traffic Control: Ready for Take-Off

The sky is the limit, or so goes the saying. What has seemingly reached its limit is putting up with the government’s control of air traffic control. Representative John Mica (R-FL) recently introduced legislation that would lead to greater privatization of air…

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Why the ‘War on Drugs’ is an utter failure.

Cover image is from One would think that the ‘War on Drugs’, a global militatistic, racist, sadistic, and totalitarian campaign promoting the prohibition of drugs and the destruction of drug supplies has been successful given that the US government alone has…

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Murder, theft, and robbery: not what you think

A common mistake made by the layperson is to equate killing with murder and taking with theft or robbery. Classifying acts as killing or taking is relatively uncontested; these are simple actions. However, the terms murder, theft, and robbery are not so simple;…

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Robots, Automation, and Computerization Will Kill Some Jobs, and That’s Not a Bad Thing

Originally posted March 12, 2015 “They took our jobs.” The takeover is not coming from those crossing the U.S.-Mexican border. Apparently, it’s the robots that are taking over human jobs. It sounds like something from a science fiction film, does…

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Should Private Security Replace the Police State?

Many people, especially anarchists and libertarians, have long advocated for privatized security. Would it work in reality? There is already a shadow-system of privatized security and justice running in parallel to the government police system. And it works, being more cost…

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Is CEO pay unfairly high?

THE MISLEADING CLAIM: CEO pay keeps unfairly increasing! It’s 331 times larger than average worker pay!!! THE REALITY: Despite the common rhetoric regarding rich CEO’s supposedly getting richer and richer at the expense of average workers, did you know that…

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