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Debunking Ed Schultz on Inequality – Have Wages Stagnated?

In 2011 on his MSNBC show, Ed Schultz begged for any Republican to come on his show and explain how the chart pictured above from Mother Jones is “good for America.” He offered to pay for their plane ticket and…

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Red State Myths – Crime, Poverty, and Welfare

Originally published in Rare, February 4th 2014 Perhaps I spend too much time lurking around left-leaning blogs, but there are many myths taken as fact without any additional analysis. Chief among them? The notion that red states take the most…

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Are Taxes Really at Sixty Year Lows?

Originally published in Rare, January 15th 2014 A popular talking point in leftist circles seems to be that taxes are at 60 year lows. The implications for this being: with government deficits running high, we’re in a position where we…

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