Informal logic: decomposing arguments

There are several components of an argument. These can be useful if you want to evaluate the validity of a claim. Assumption: an unstated fact or principle that must be true in order for the conclusion to be valid. Premise:…

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Are Unpaid Internships Really That Problematic?

Summertime is that part of the year where college students try to figure out what to do with that interim period of time. Some work at a menial job unrelated to their field just to scrape enough money to pay…

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Careers: Compensation, Meaning, and Satisfaction

PayScale produced an interactive chart in order to visualize job pay, meaning, and satisfaction. There are some interesting findings here. There is little correlation between pay and meaning. Aside from healthcare careers, which are outliers, there is a flat trend….

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A Crude Awakening: Why Lift the Crude Oil Exports Ban

Oil production in American has been on the rise since the end of the Great Recession, all in spite of the fact that the American government likes to metaphorically shoot itself in the foot with bad policy. No, I’m not talking about…

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CEO compensation is not a significant driver of inequality

A recent blog post in The Wall Street Journal claims that CEO-to-worker compensation has risen, that this gap is a major driver of inequality, and that CEO pay could be regulated down without a drop in performance. This argument is based on a…

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Is Pursuing a College Education Worth It? Depends On Who You Are and the Type of Degree

Originally posted on November 28, 2014. Educational attainment is one of the best indicators of one’s success in professional development and overall social mobility. Having a solid education, and more specifically, going to college (which for purposes of this discussion,…

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Cracking Down on Mexico’s Drug Cartel

Since the end of 2006, Mexico has been ravaged by violence induced by the government’s war on drug cartels (see Congressional Research Service background on the issue here). In spite of the Mexican government’s War on Drugs (la guerra contra el…

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Sunrise, Sunset on Section 215 of the Patriot Act

Rand Paul (R-KY), a Senator known for having strong libertarian leanings, filibustered for nearly 11 hours last week. His reason for talking so long? To make sure that Section 215 of the Patriot Act does not get renewed. Given how legislative procedure works…

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Robert Reich Is Wrong About Minimum Wage….Again!

Sometimes, it astounds me how smart men can act so stupidly. Robert Reich is one of those men. Here is a man who was a Rhodes scholar, earned his J.D. from Yale, taught at Harvard, and served in three presidential…

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Chicago crime rate: relation with concealed carry permits

Consider the fallacy: POST HOC ERGO PROPTER HOC (FALSE CAUSATION).  There are several reasons why we should doubt the causal relation between concealed gun permits in Chicago and the metrics in this image. First of all, Chicago allowed people to…

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